Green Hills and Rain

Schloss Ort and Rain

Schloss Ort in front of the Traunstein and rain clouds

I guess I should call myself lucky; I am experiencing a typical Austrian summer: the weather could change any hour and I never know what to wear; temperatures can vary from one afternoon to the next by 15 degrees Celsius or more. I have not seen a clear blue sky for weeks until the last few days, and I have experienced more rain in the last four weeks in Austria than I have in California for the first six months of the year. The rather temperamental summer weather also followed me on my trip to Baden-Württemberg, Germany. While this for me rather unusual weather pattern was fascinating at first, it is starting to lose its attraction.

Germany in rain

Rain in Germany before the final game of the World Cup

Yes, it is amazingly green in Austria and the sky changes its color and is covered with a different amount of clouds nearly by the minute, but I am ready for the bright-blue, constant, wide, and open sky of California. Surprisingly, even though it has been raining more or less every other day for at least a month here, the local Austrian mayor asked residents to restrict water use; I am wondering how worried she would be about water use if she were the mayor of a California town this summer.


Faint rainbow after a thunderstorm in Gmunden


Rain in Austria

Rain clouds over Austrian Hills