Not Just Baroque: Gothic Style in Austrian Churches

Gampern close up

The winged altar in Gampern, which is the third largest of its kind in Upper Austria. The church and altar are in late Gothic style from 1497-1507.

Even though Baroque seems to dominate the churches in Upper Austria, I also noticed many other styles and examples. Some churches are still in the Gothic style, as for example the church in Gampern (built 1497-1507). Other churches break with old traditions and decorations and present a modern interior, such as the pilgrimage church Maria Schmolln with its altar from 1992/1993. The church itself is much older (from around 1880) and used to be decorated in a more traditional style:

Maria Schmolln Altar

The new altar from 1992/1993 in Maria Schmolln.

Maria Schmooln2

The original picture of Mary that started the pilgrimages in Maria Schmolln.














The newer style is a change after all the Baroque and Gothic interiors I have seen but does not make the same strong impression.



Gampern 2

View of the church in Gampern.