Dirndl and Lederhosen

Row of dirndl

Row of Dirndl in an Austrian Dress Store

A dirndl – and respectively a lederhosen (for both men and women) – is always a good choice of outfit for any occasion in Upper Austria and most other parts of Austria. It is a versatile clothing option that I wish I could wear more often and without odd stares in the States. Dirndls come in cotton and in silk and thus are ready for any occasion: work, shopping, dinner, parties, weddings, and even fancy evening balls. Of course, a dirndl is always an appropriate option for traditional events or church.


Modern Dirndl

photo 3

Lipizzaner [White Horses] Dirndl – My Favorite in the Store


In addition, a dirndl can be short or long, come with long sleeves or short sleeves, and easily be changed with a different apron or blouse. Many dirndl patterns and fabrics are very traditional and represent specific towns, regions, or states while many modern dirndl share just the basic style with the traditional gowns.

Marching Band

Dirndl and Lederhosen Worn by an Austrian Marching Band