Fruehschoppen, an Austrian Sunday Activity

photo 1

Beer Tent at 10 in the Morning on a Sunday

It is common to drink beer and Radler anywhere and at any time. This is the most obvious in the practice of Fruehschoppen typically on Sunday mornings. In the past reserved for men/farmers after Sunday mass, this early beer fest with plenty of beer, bratwurst, and of course a band starts usually around 10 in the morning [I have seen some advertised as starting at 8]and can last deep into the afternoon. Nowadays, whole families attend together, but the atmosphere usually becomes rowdy and loud rather quickly.

One Sunday, my cousin and I attended the Fruehschoppen of the local marching band competition. Just half an hour into the Fruehschoppen, groups/bands were standing on benches, singing along, and “prosting” with their beersteins. Somehow bratwurst with sauerkraut in the morning did not sound bad to me even at 10 a.m. but beer did, and so I chose white wine [Gruener Veltliner] mixed with sparkling water (“A G’spritzter”). Of course, Fruehschoppen means Dirndl and Lederhosen.

photo 3

Still Early in the Morning but People Are Already Dancing on Beer Benches

photo 2

Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, and a White Wine Spritzer for Breakfast










More people joined us at our table, regular repetitions of “Ein Prosit auf die Gemuetlichkeit” were sung, and more rain fell outside the beer tent; all in all, a pleasant morning that turned into mid-afternoon before we left.

PS: Gemuetlichkeit is a tough term to translate – it describes a mixture of coziness, laziness, comfort, feeling of being home, and sociability. That a place, event, or visit has become gemuetlich is a great reason why one does not want to leave.