photo 3

Drinking Radler at Lake Traunsee

Another example of how common it is to drink beer not just at any time but also anywhere is a recent trip to Gmunden on Traunsee. The city was getting ready for a mountain marathon or some type of race along those lines, and athletes already arrived on that evening to pick up numbers, start packages, and more on the town square by the lakeside. Sponsors of the race had little stands with advertising material and also products. Not a competitor but a wandering tourist, I nevertheless received a free goodie bag with food and of course beer – ok, not beer per se but a Radler. Since there is no open-container law (that I am aware of), the late afternoon now included a beer at the lakeside of Traunsee while I was watching sailing students practice turns and tourists maneuvering small motorboats across the lake.

photo 2

Wheat Beer with Elderflower Soda from the Stiegl Brewery

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Beer with Almdudler – an Austrian Mountain-Herb Soda

Radlers – a mixture of beer with soda – come in a variety of options. The traditional Radler consists of beer with lemon soda [more or less sparkling lemonade]. Recently, I found more options such as beer with grapefruit soda, with elderflower soda, with mountain-herb soda, and with a pink energy drink. It seems pretty much anything can be mixed with beer.