What Not to Say to an Austrian

I chuckled when I read the following list of 10 things not to say to an Austrian posted on the Website Wings for Life World Run. The compilation was posted in honor of Austria’s national holiday on October 26, which is the equivalent to 4th of July in the States. The list is funny but also so true; my favorite item on the list is number 4, so do not say:

“I love the “Sound of Music!”

“Good for you. No Austrian in his right mind will ever admit to having heard or – God forbid – seen the movie. It’s the ultimate no-go and an entirely valid reason for having your citizenship revoked. If you want to stay friends with the Austrian people, you should keep your love for the Trapps running, singing and yodelling their way across mountained meadows to yourself. We mean it.”

Check out the rest of the list at: http://www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com/at/en/news/what-to-never-say-to-an-austrian-151/