Savvy Fuego

Savvy Fuego - Greyhound from Caliente, Mexico

Savvy Fuego – Greyhound from Caliente, Mexico

My college class is currently reading about globalization. One of the points that comes up throughout the textbooks and the discussion on globalization is whether globalization is leading to McDonaldization, the Americanization/Westernization of other cultures, or to Hybridization, the intermingling and synthesis of different elements. Jan Nederveen Pieterese in his book Globalization and Culture: Global Mélange argues for “viewing globalization as a process of hybridization that gives rise to global mélange” (65).

So the words hybrid and hybridization have come up often in the last few weeks in class discussions and readings. The word hybrid also started a previous blog post about the mixing of cultures I observed in myself. So I thought it was fitting that the newest member to the household is also a hybrid. He was chosen for me by an adoption agency based on my lifestyle and personality and the household he would be part of; this adoption/matching process has worked extremely well for me in the past with my last two dogs, so I do not question it. And it has worked well again. The newest member to the household is a former racing greyhound adopted through Greyhound Friends for Life.

Savvy Fuego and Power Home

Savvy Fuego and Power Home

Not only does his personality fit the rest of the household members, but he even fits the current class discussion on hybrids! Even his name shows hybridization: Savvy Fuego – part English, part Spanish. I do not know where he was born and raised, but he raced first in Arkansas and then was moved to the race track in Caliente, Mexico, where he spent most of his career. After retiring, he was moved to California by the adoption agency. He has no problem with the heat, loves the sun, perks up when he hears male voices speaking Spanish, and seems to love Mariachi music [at least he gets excited when he hears it]. Savvy Fuego – another hybrid in a household that illustrates cultural mélange.