Hallyu, why so popular?

On my current trip to Kauai, I have talked to a lot of locals and was surprised by how many people here are hooked on the Korean TV dramas. I was not aware of the shows’ popularity. It is funny that I came across this blog that explains the shows’ popularity on the same day that I had an in-depth discussion about Korean TV with a loyal viewer of the shows. Many of the reasons that came up in that conversation are also in this blog.


By Nhi

About three weeks ago, the Vox’s article “Here Is Why Millions of Americans are binge-watching Korean Dramas”, which contains some revealing infographics, made my mouth drop open. Seriously, how has Hallyu become this popular?

A study made in 2011. Photo Credit: soompi.com

Coined in the 1990s by Beijing journalists, Hallyu, meaning Korean cultural wave, is a term used to describe the growing popularity of Korean culture that has swept over South Korea’s neighboring countries in East Asia and recently around the globe. According to A Geek In Korea, an informative and wonderful book by the Korea-based writer Daniel Tudor, one of the reasons for this popularity is that after the economic crisis of 1997, the government started to invest in creative industries, regarding those as “a future growth driver”. As a result, studios can produce high-quality works with a cheap price (129). Hallyu has benefited the image of the…

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