Valentine’s Day Cards


Valentine’s Day Card from Hallmark

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I am browsing the Web for Valentine’s Day cards. Yes, I am a procrastinator and I have plenty of papers waiting for me, so of course that means wasting time online. A quick session of browsing turned into a longer one as I found plenty of entertaining cards – and that does not even include the awkward old cards:

Vintage Valentine’s Day Card found on

I love the old-fashioned design, but I hope the card designer had better pick-up lines than this one.

On my search, I learned that plenty of sports team create their own cards as well and many of them are awkward to say the least. Here is one of the least awkward ones from the Pittsburgh Pirates:

Pirates’ Valentine’s Card found on

The cards on the Pirates’ site were actually the reason why I started wandering the Web for more cards. Even though I live in California, my true home team is the Pittsburgh Pirates since Pittsburgh, PA was the first American town I ever lived in. I spent a glorious summer at nearly every Pirates game even though I was supposed to be doing research for a paper. On a side note, the paper never did get finished and I decided to tackle a new topic (which had to do with baseball and thus also got finished), but that is a topic for another day. Anyways – go Pirates! No love for the SF Giants in this California home.

Football teams also embrace the tradition of Valentine’s Cards:

Card from the Detroit Lions found on


And then I even came across “bilingual” cards – part English and part German, which I learned today is called Denglish:

For the non-German speakers, “gross” means large/big in German. Found on:

I have learned that Valentine’s Day cards “must” have a corny pun it seems and that it is amazing how time flies when “researching” important topics online. I hope you find some ideas if you are still looking for a card for February 14 or if you need a reason to browse the Web.