“I Might Be Wrong”

I Might be Wrong

Sign in the Back Window of a Truck

I have seen the above sign in the back of the truck window several times now in the neighborhood, and the sign intrigues me. It is quite different from other bumper stickers I have seen. I wonder what the motivation is. I know it is the title of a Radiohead song, but even then why display it? It does not mention the band at all.

“I might be wrong” – it sounds like an apology, admitting one’s oversight or lack of knowledge and actually feeling bad about that. It is a friendly sign to see when one is cut off in traffic by that truck or in some other way annoyed; at least the driver already admits that he/she might be wrong, so there is no reason to get annoyed.

Every time I see the sign, I feel I am missing something and I am hoping to run into the owner/driver to learn more about the sign.