Watermelon Cocktail

When the California summer heats up to above 100 degrees (37 degrees Celsius ) during the day and nights stay warm above 80 (26 degrees Celsius), I like my alcoholic drinks cold and sparkling, as in fizzy. The usual go-to is a dry white wine spritzer of Gruener Veltliner and sparkling water. But it is watermelon season, the fridge is overflowing with melons, and I needed to find more uses than just eating them.

Fresh Watermelon

The next best option seemed to be turning the melons into drinks, which is simple since watermelons are easy to blend into cool slush in a blender. We tried watermelon puree/slush with white rum (not enough watermelon taste), with vodka and sugar (easy to forget the strong alcohol), and with sparkling wine. Since I like my mimosas (Sekt Orange in German) with pulp, which is hard to get in restaurants, I liked the consistency of the watermelon-sparkling wine cocktail, but my husband found it too “chewey” and thick. If you want to try it, I recommend blending cold watermelon flesh (without the rind)  into a thick smoothie-like consistency. I did not not add anything else, but a splash of lime juice could work well. Fill a champagne flute one third with watermelon and top off with dry sparkling wine or champagne. I would stay away from the sweet kinds of sparkling wine but that might just be personal preference. Now watermelon season can’t last long enough!

A New Concoction: Sparkling Wine and Watermelon

A New Concoction: Sparkling Wine and Watermelon