Camouflage Santa

Austrian children don’t believe in Santa, and they do not ask him but the Christkind – “Christ Child” – for gifts. Traditionally, the Christkind is an angel and is the one who receives the letters from children and actually brings gifts on the 24th. Since she is an angel, she has no need for flying reindeer and a sleigh, and she also does not enter the house through the chimney as Santa does but just comes in through the window (I am assuming she is opening the window first). But Hollywood movies and American songs have pushed Santa Claus more and more into the foreground in Austria as well (see my previous post), so much so that several sites and signs call for saving the Christkind and for fighting against Santa:


“We believe in Christkind. Do not give Santa a chance!”

I doubt, however, that camouflage Santa has made it across the Pond yet. Ever since I first saw Santa in camouflage in my neighborhood, I have been wondering whether he is supposed to be hunting or part of the military:

Camouflage Santa

Camouflage Santa

But no matter whether he is in camouflage or the traditional red suit, he always seems to be jolly, and the favorite pose of Santa decorations seems to be waving at passersby.

Waving Santa

Waving Santa Yard Ornament


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    1. Thank you – happy holidays to you, too! And yes, curious about the gifts, too. Wish I would know the people and could ask them about their Santa and his gifts. 🙂

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