When the Travel Gods Smile upon You…

When the Travel Gods Smile Upon You, …


You make it to the airport without traffic jams even during rush hour;

Actually, you arrive at the airport so early that the check-in counters are not even open yet, but the staff at the business class counter offers to check you in, so of course there is no line;

Your suitcases are below the weight limit even though you packed everything you wanted and never checked the weight at home;

You have time to wander the airport to look at art installations;


Display about Pixar’s Toy Story at San Francisco International Airport

There is only one person in the security check line in front of you, so you are not rushed to unpack your laptop and take off your shoes (but a smile from the TSA staff is still unrealistic even in this scenario);

The whole terminal seems empty and you find a recliner next to an outlet to relax and charge your electronics;

Boarding is completed in an orderly fashion and no one tries to cut in line;

You are seated in an exit row with extra legroom and no seat that can recline into your space in front of you;

The seat next to you stays empty and you have room to spread out;

The plane is half empty and fellow passengers seem to be in a better mood because of it;

The in-flight program includes several “newish” movies you have not had time to see in the movie theater but wanted to;

The flight arrives a little early and thus a rather tight schedule to meet the connecting flight is now much more relaxed;

Only two people are in line when you get to the passport checkpoint;

You find another cozy recliner and as promised (but never tested before you left the country), your cell phone works in the foreign country;

The connecting flight is also half empty and once again you have a row all by yourself;

Your luggage arrives at the final destination, intact and complete;


Display/Art at the Sacramento Airport Showing what I Am Convinced Will Happen to my Luggage

You can walk right up to the taxi stand to get into the first vehicle;

There is no traffic to slow your taxi down into downtown.

For someone who does not like flying (especially on those long cross-Atlantic flights) and is too impatient to not be affected by large crowds and odd procedures, such as I, smooth travels cannot be appreciated too much.

Inspired by my recent trip to Florence.


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  1. Hi Professor! So glad you had an efficient but relaxing travel experience. Nice to finally hear some news about the trip  🙂


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