#doorporn in Italy: Odd Hashtag and a Shared Attention to Details

Sure, I am impressed my Michelangelo’s David and by Botticelli’s Primavera, two of the most famous pieces of art in Florence, but often I am more fascinated and entertained by the smaller details that help make this town so beautiful. I love ceilings and often spend more time looking up than at the sculptures or paintings in a museum here (see previous post). I also am fascinated by the doors and the doorknockers especially here in Florence but actually all places I have visited in Italy. So I was excited and surprised to learn that my fascination for beautiful doors is shared by many it seems and has created two popular hashtags on Instgram and other social media: #doorportrait and #doorporn.

The hashtag “doorporn” does seem a little overenthusiastic, but doors do deserve to be highlighted. Of course, there are the famous doors that are in art books and guide books, such as the doors of cathedrals and of course the Baptistry in Florence.


Detail of the Doors of the Cathedral in Milan

But even average house doors in small alleys and not even close to any famous sites are worth a second or third look. The size and shapes vary and the colors range from perfectly faded shabby-chic pastels to bright greens and sumptuous dark browns. Some doors are so large that they are not even opened completely on an everyday basis, but a smaller, “normal-size” entryway has been cut into the large door to make it even possible to easily use the door.


I appreciate the color combinations of the doors with the house color.

At a closer look, smaller details such as doorknockers are also fascinating on their own (not sure why they do not have their own hashtag as described above).

And this hashtag seems to be limited to doors only and ignores the equally or maybe even  more exciting garden gates since they usually reveal a view into a lush garden or onto a villa.

Gate in Sorrento

Gate to a Backyard in Sorrento

I still stop for fabulous doors and doorknockers and take a few seconds to admire them, but I have given up on taking pictures of all the ones I stop at; I quickly had too many photos and stopped far too often on my walks to work or the train station.


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  1. Hello there. I found you by doing a tag search for my fave photo subject: doors 😀
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